Hire Winners – create a new talent resourcing channel from elite sport

Sport2Business helps companies to identify and recruit immediate and future employees from the world of elite sport. We have worked with a large number of different businesses across a variety of different sectors, including Construction, Energy Services, Financial Services, FMCG, Recruitment, Surveying and Training.

Recruiting Permanent Employees

Athletes can be recruited as permanent employees businesses at various times during their competing careers.   Most athletes will typically wait until they have retired from elite sport before moving into a commercial role to commence their second career, but large numbers of semi-professional sportspeople remain competing at a very high level of their sport while conducting a full-time job at the same time.  This is particularly the case with sports like Rugby and Football, where the semi-professional game is extremely popular across the country but where the players do not receive any meaningful remuneration for their "on-field" activity.

The talent pool for employers is typified by individuals who are highly driven, totally self-motivated, results-focussed, goal-orientated, competitive team players. This group of individuals may not have a demonstrable existing technical or commercial skill-set that is obviously compatible with the immediate needs of any organisation, but they are hungry and able to learn new skills and to develop new competencies.

Organisations can train skills ... but they can't train attitude!

Athletes are genetically programmed to have the correct attitude ... and they learn new skills quickly!

Athletes entering the commercial workplace will often start their careers in some form of Sales or Business Development role, where their sports-based DNA will facilitate quick success as they compete to get to the top of the leaderboard.  They are generally motivated by the idea of "success by results" and respond well to performance-related incentives.

Recruiting Part-Time Employees and Interns

The majority of younger athletes, who are focussed on achieving competitive success at the highest level, need to generate an income to supplement whatever funding or sponsorship they might receive.

Others who have gained sufficient finance to pursue their sporting ambitions are often extremely keen to gain work experience - whether paid or unpaid - in order to understand more about how they can develop additional skills in the workplace.

For all of them, the opportunity to gain part-time employment or work experience in a role that could form the basis of a later commercial or professional career is vitally important.

For businesses, the population of younger athletes provides an elegant and cost-effective solution to short-term or part-time workload issues.  Critically, however, it also gives organisations an opportunity to recruit and train potential high-performing employees of the future and to realise the many additional benefits of having one or more potential gold medallists within the team.

Recruiting Ambassadors

High profile celebrity sports stars can be a very powerful and extremely cost-effective component of any marketing strategy.  The ability to work with major sporting names in promoting a company's products or services is a tried and tested formula that continues to succeed. 

Sport2Business has access to the vast majority of the "big names" across all sports, and we advise both  companies and celebrities on the best way of structuring Ambassadorial Contracts in order to achieve optimum return on investment.

Opportunities for athletes to join training programme in high-growth, well recognised sector specialist recruitment group
Opportunities now exist for talented sports professionals to join the business at a number of the firm’s regional offices and to train towards qualification and subsequent success (and reward!) as a Private Client Stockbroker/Investment Manager.