athlete testimonials

Toby Box / Athletics

Toby Box

Toby Box, retired sprinter, has been successful in attaining a Trainee Chartered Surveyor role within CB Richard Ellis.  "I would like to thank the team at Sport2Business for opening the door to this life-changing opportunity. I was fully supported and encouraged right from the start of the process, and would encourage any athlete looking for a new career to get in touch to see what's possible with Sport2Business." CB Richard Ellis are similarly appreciative of the opportunity to benefit from working with an elite athlete who will make a genuine long term contribution to their business.


Andy Gomarsall / Rugby

Andy Gomersall

"It has been a really interesting time understanding that I have to take control over my transition. I am still fit and want to play at the top level for as long as possible but now, when not training/playing, I am proactively networking and pursuing some diverse and fascinating opportunities. I have always had a burning desire to play and coach - and ultimately aspire to become a Director of Rugby - but my recent pro-active networking has stimulated my interest in business. The psychological profiling I went through with S2B was invaluable, helping me to understand more about my transferable skills and key drivers."


Jo Nicholas / GB Badminton

Jo Nicolas

“I had been thinking of retiring for a while and made the decision that I would stop after the Europeans in April. I approached S2B to look at my options for the future and they were really pro-active in introducing me to a variety of businesses. They helped me prepare myself and, as a result, I now enjoy a new role with Mark Group while still playing badminton at County level.”



Martin Corry / Rugby

Martin Corry

“Working with Sport2Business got me off my backside! Their personal mentoring approach made me put pressure on myself to act positively and the structure of the Career Coaching programme enabled me to take things forward in a logical and constructive manner. The whole experience has made me start to think very clearly about what I want to do, where my skills are and what areas I need to work on to develop success for myself in the longer term. In addition, S2B have followed up with commercial opportunities that have suited my ambitions.”



Paul Wycherley / Kayak

Paul Wycherley

"The sponsorship from Dare Digital has been great for me, as working with through the Sport2Business programme has really increased my self awareness and opened my horizons to the many and varied opportunities that I could pursue. I have been encouraged to seek and obtain work experience, and Sport2Business have proactively introduced me to various organisations who have been keen to engage with me."


Andy Nicol / Rugby

Andy Nicol

"As soon as I went through theSport2Business assessment centre and saw the development programme, I saw the potential benefits.  They have helped me better understand my transferable skills and walked me through the challenging interview and assessment process undertaken by the banks.  I was fortunate enough to secure a tremendous career opportunity with Royal Bank of Scotland that really excites me, but is something I would not even have considered myself capable of 5 months previously!"


Leon Taylor / Olympic Diver

Leon Taylor

“However, busy you are, there's no time better than the present to broaden the options of your post sports career choices. I'm still at an early stage in my S2B programme, but I'm finding the whole experience extremely rewarding and I'm already making progress.”


Austin Healey / Rugby

Austin Healey

"For any sportsperson who has not been involved in business outside of sport for 10 years, it's a huge and worrying step. Sport2Business was instrumental in allowing me to take control and secure my future." Austin enjoyed a successful couple of years with investment bank Credit Suisse through the Sport2Business introduction. He has subsequently focused on a successful media career, but he maintains an associate arrangement with the bank.


Hugh Vyvyan / Rugby

Hugh Vyvyan

"The Sport2Business programme has helped me increase my self awareness, get myself organised and build a life outside of rugby.  Through my personal development plan, I now have goals for all aspects of my life and, although rugby is still my number one priority, I now believe that I have a plan that will make the ultimate transition into the workforce more seamless than I would have previously imagined. Although I still fear injury, I now see it as an opportunity as it will enable me to focus on my off field goals. This has been a great learning year for me, both on and off the pitch."


Mike Worsley / Rugby

Mike Worsley

"It was a daunting prospect to seek a career outside the world of sport. The questions I asked myself were 'Where do I start?' and 'What do I need to do?' To have Sport2Business supporting me through the process has been vitally important, and the preparation for my interviews and presentations was invaluable. Most sports people have never been interviewed formally before - it was good to have someone coaching me through.”


John Wood / Cricket

John Wood

"Going through the Career Coaching Programme has given me confidence and helped me to prepare for interviews to make the most of the opportunities made available to me by Sport2Business. Every contact I have had within the business has been extremely helpful and professional."


Ben Phillips / Cricket

Ben Phillips

“Sport2Business has given me the direction I have been searching for, as well as giving me the motivation to start bridging the gap between my professional career and the transition to life after cricket. I feel I am beginning the journey into understanding how to adapt the skills I have developed in my cricket career to those required in the workplace, and feel comfortable working with a skilled team behind me that have successfully made the same transition.”


Chrystall Nicoll / Fencing

Chrystall Nicoll

"I was introduced to Coca Cola Enterprises by Sport2Business, and I was fortunate to have been recruited by them. I am ecstatic: CCE have fitted the sales/IT training I need around my fencing training schedule, the role really helps me financially, and it is a highly energetic but fun working environment that fits perfectly with an athlete’s personality. CCE have been accommodating, open and the support network has been faultless. It is a fantastic company and I have every intention of producing great results both in my fencing and for CCE."


Simon Miall / Rugby

Simon Miall

“S2B’s industry knowledge and support has been very useful. If you are targeting a specific industry post-sport, it is invaluable to work with people who have vast amounts of experience in the sector to support you through that process."

Jon Petrie / Rugby

Jon Petrie

"The S2B programme really helped to give me a framework and the self confidence to ‘take control’ of my career transition. The whole process helped me quickly learn how to build a resume, start networking in a more structured way, and have the confidence to approach companies with a sensible plan.  The confidence I gained ultimately helped prepare me for my role with Scottish & Southern Energy."


Opportunities for athletes to join training programme in high-growth, well recognised sector specialist recruitment group
Opportunities now exist for talented sports professionals to join the business at a number of the firm’s regional offices and to train towards qualification and subsequent success (and reward!) as a Private Client Stockbroker/Investment Manager.